High tension. Brilliant minds.  In a time of uncertainty, we turn to the ones we believe have the answers. When we are certain what is wrong, the truth will always be clear, in the VOICES of us all.  

Four driven individuals with opposing viewpoints along with one man, Dr. Nero, played by Lamman Rucker of the hit OWN series Greenleaf, are tasked with the world around them to find a common ground after reading a book depicting the killing of Alton Sterling. As the group searches for the answers to an all too familiar question; in time, the make-shift party will open the door for Dr. Nero to fight the battle with his own demons. The film VOICES directed by Academy Award winner WILLIE D. BURTON brings you a timely piece written by Clarence Nero (Baton Rouge Community College).  We watch as a diverse group of people who do not normally share the same perspective, continue a journey not intended from the start.  This film is based on the book, “Voices From The Bayou”.  

We move forward today to discover our tomorrows.